Lesbian woman don’t need pap smears because they don’t sleep with men.

A pap smear is a good idea even if your current partner is a woman and you’ve never had sexual intercourse with a man. Even if you are not sexually active at all, it is still a good idea to get a pap and pelvic exam every year. Lesbians are at risk for sexually transmitted infections, just as heterosexual women are. Sadly, many STIs do not show any symptoms.

Unsightly dark bags under the eyes, hair growing thicker in unattractive places, and decreased ability to have an orgasm are all symptoms of excessive masturbating.

Symptoms of excessive masturbation may include chafed and sore genitalia, but there’s no evidence your appearance will change. What’s excessive to one person may not be enough to another.

Condoms will protect you from all STIs.

Condoms protect you from STIs transmitted via bodily fluids, including HIV, but may not protect you from STIs transmitted via skin contact, such as HPV.

You can get STIs from oral sex, but you’ll be safer if you brush your teeth right after.

It’s a MYTH that brushing your teeth has any protective benefit when it comes to oral sex. In fact, brushing can cause microscopic tears in your mouth that make bacteria transmission easier!

Simultaneous orgasm is the ultimate goal of sexual activity.

Most individuals enjoy their partner’s response to orgasm and are then happy to proceed in a relaxed fashion to give themselves up totally to their own sensations and satisfaction. Striving for simultaneous orgasm causes people to become ‘goal orientated’ which can make them become inhibited, and can lead to sexual dysfunction.

Arousal is automatic if both partners love each other.

Although love is the best known aphrodisiac, and arousal is usually spontaneous, there are times when one or other partner is not responsive, and many factors can inhibit arousal.

It is abnormal, wrong, perverted or unhealthy to have oral sex.

Anything that couples do to increase their pleasure is “normal” provided that it is acceptable to both and does not hurt or degrade either partner. Women find oral stimulation very arousing. Swallowing vaginal fluid can be harmless providing that both partners are sure that there is no risk of HIV infection.

Masturbation is wrong and may cause ill¬ health.

There is no evidence that masturbation affects health adversely.