MYTH: Lesbians don’t like men

Most lesbian women have very close relationships with men; they just prefer or choose not to have sex with them. Many lesbian women have had relationships and sex with men in the past, even been married with children. All lesbians are different and prefer different types of relationships with me.

MYTH: Lesbians want to be men

The fact that lesbian women sleep with women, does not mean in any way that they want to be men. The media often portray lesbian women as extremely masculine and aggressive, adding to the stereotyped belief. This belief might come from male insecurity about lesbian woman and their possible disbelieve that a woman would prefer to sleep with anyone else than a man.

MYTH: Lesbians don’t like sex

Since lesbian woman are sexual beings like any other, this question seem extremely inappropriate, just as the question “what do lesbians do in bed?” is totally offensive. I’m sure the person asking the question lacks imagination and must be completely ignorant, obviously not informed about the female body and how any woman respond to sexual stimulation. The notion that there is no penis in the bed, and therefore no sex can take place, is again a huge misconception. And No! – Lesbians do not just hug in bed… Lesbians have sex in various ways, some more creative than others, but still hot and very steamy.

MYTH: Lesbians don’t have sex with men

Some lesbian women do have sex with men, for various reasons including transactional sex in order to have an income or just because they like it. Sexual practices and sexual identity or sexual orientation are two different things. On the other hand, many lesbian women fantasize about being penetrated (by a man), but do not necessarily act on the fantasy.

MYTH: Lesbians don’t have “proper sex”

Again, lesbian women’s sex lives have often been minimized, in stereotyped ways, to that of just hugging and kissing. Some people might think that sex between two women is not satisfying, and that sex is only “real” when it is with a man. Another myth is that all lesbians use penetrative sex toys in order to simulate the heterosexual sex act. Some might use dildos or vibrators, others find the idea repulsive. Mind you, there are a whole lot of very creative lesbian lovers out there, some from which some men can learn new tricks from!

MYTH: Lesbians are after every woman they meet

Many straight people tend to think that lesbian women and gay men want sex all the time, and cannot keep our hands of them. Some might think we are so desperate to choose anyone, even the least attractive ones might think you have a burning desire to have sex with them. Lesbian women find other women attractive, no matter what the other’s sexual orientation, but that does not mean they will act on their desires. If we ask a straight woman if she would make a move on every man she meets, she will feel downright offended. Then why does that not apply to lesbian women too?