Sexual Health and Wellness


Maybe you’re wondering whether you can have sex or not?  Rest assured, go ahead, your baby is safe – and probably will feel the excitement too.  Or, maybe that’s not such a romantic or erotic idea – okay, focus on you and your partner.  A lot of women experience a higher sex drive during pregnancy – so make sure to make full use of this opportunity and involve your partner, this might be the best months of your sexual life, and make up for the dreaded weeks of sleep deprivation once baby is there…. Most women do feel more connected to their bodies and the bigger breasts certainly help.  But be mindful of the last trimester where exhaustion and discomfort creeps in.  Make use of the times during your pregnancy when the heat is on.  Probably the best guideline is to be mindful, be aware, don’t compare yourself – be honest and truthful and go for it! Throughout the course of your pregnancy, you will experience a wide range of emotions and physical changes.  A variety of factors may affect your sex drive or your capability to engage in sexual activity, such as hormones, body image, relationship issues, energy levels, nervousness about becoming parents and an uncomfortable body, to name but a few. Communication is the vital key – discuss what feels right for both of you.  What works and feels sensual and pleasurable might change from week to week.  Talk to your partner about your comfort level regarding the amount of sex you would like to have, the different positions you would like to try, and where you would like to be touched. Ask her about her preferences as well.  If you are unable to have sex due to discomfort or medical reasons, look for other ways to keep your love life alive such as giving a massage, kissing, holding hands, or bathing together.  Women are the ultimate adventurous romantics, and as long as you are experiencing a healthy or “normal” pregnancy, the lights are green!  During the latter part of your pregnancy try and avoid lying on your back, so now is the perfect time to experiment with different positions.  Take care of yourself, enjoy the intimate quantity and quality time with your partner/spouse/ wife – in future it will not only be just the two, so enjoy each other’s bodies.