out_theme_nov_2017_w2w“Setting boundaries is a way of caring for myself. It doesn’t make me mean, selfish, or uncaring… I care about me, too.” – Christine Morgan

Boundaries help to define us as individuals and help us to set limits. They help us to understand where we need to draw the line in order to feel respected and valued in relationships. When we start to feel uncomfortable or taken advantage of, we know our boundaries had been violated.

Some tips on how to set healthy boundaries:

• Work on self-awareness, self-respect, and learn to value yourself.
• Develop an attitude of self-responsibility. Learn to ask for what you want, and learn to say “no”.
• Set appropriate limits with others about what you can do and what you expect from them.
• Boundaries need to be specific, reasonable, enforceable, and logical.
• Communicate them clearly.
• Be firm, and remember you are not responsible for the other person’s response.

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