Pregnancy – a miracle time… a time of intense physical, emotional and spiritual changes. Whether you have the time of your life with a body that becomes feminine and soft, or a body filled with nausea and growing huge and unrecognisable, you can’t but stare in awe for that heartbeat on the ultrasound monitor, or the first sign of a perfectly formed little foot of half a centimeter. Life is love, created, manifested and growing, alive inside you. And for 40 odd weeks you are transformed and honored and celebrated by all mothers who came before you, and who will come after you.

If you are in a committed relationship, then celebrating a pregnancy and preparing for a little one as two women is one of the most sacred relationships and bonds on this planet. Even if you’re single, surround yourself with women and celebrate yourself as a carrier of life.

Physically and emotionally though it can be a roller coaster ride for the 40 weeks, with hormonal ups and downs… so partners be prepared, your wife/ partner will change into an unknown species, and everyone around her will notice except she. The most peaceful, kind and gentle spirit will be unrecognisable with frustration, “bitchiness” and vented anger, whilst crying and sobbing the next moment for no apparent reason. The first and last trimester is usually the most challenging, so enjoy the blissful middle or second trimester – more energy and stability are certainly a welcomed break for both involved.

There is a magnitude of information available on the internet, books, pregnancy magazines and from your supporting health care professionals. Explore and read as widely as possible, but honor your own voice and listen, follow the natural innate wisdom that flows through you. Rarely in your life will you focus so intensely on yourself, your partner, your body and the amazing gift of life.