Pubic Lice

Pubic L:ice

Features/ Symptoms

  • Also known as “Crabs”;
  • Usually passed from one person to another through close body contact;
  • Pubic lice can spread through sharing clothing, towels and bedding;
  • Itching in the affected areas or pubic hair;
  • Black powdery dropping from lice in underwear;
  • Brown egg on pubic hair or other hair;
  • Irritation and redness from scratching in affected area; and
  • Sky blue spots or tiny speck of blood on the skin.

Progression Female lice lay about 30 to 90 eggs or so during their lifetime. Eggs hatch after about six to eight days. Young lice then pass through three more stages before becoming adults. The period from egg to adult requires about 23 days. Adults will not live beyond 24 hours after being removed from a human host. Causes Lice can cause secondary infection on the skin due to scratching with dirty nails. Lice can spread to other regions were hair is present e.g. armpit. Treatment/ Management Pubic lice are treated with special lotion and shampoo. Pubic hair should be combed to get rid of lice and eggs. Preferable method is to shave all body hair. Clothes, linen and towels should be washed with hot water, sun dried and iron with a hot iron. Mattress or bed should be put out in the sun.